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El Dorado Nature Center

on April 16, 2012

During Spring Break we had a chance to explore some local places my kids and I have never been.  One of those places was the El Dorado Nature Center.  It always amazes me when we discover these idyllic environs.  Not to be confused with El Dorado Regional park, the Nature Center is located across the way on Spring street.  As soon as you enter the Nature Center, you’re transported to a different world.  All the noises of the traffic from the 605 freeway are silenced by the songs of the birds and the calming sounds of running brooks.  Upon entry you’ll find a museum where you can find information on everything regarding the Nature Center.  They also offer all sorts of programs there such as story times and puppet shows for the little ones.  These classes are all offered through the City of Long Beach.  There are three trail options at the Nature Center: 1/4 mile loop, a one mile trail and a two mile trail.  They are all easy hikes but wear closed toe shoes.  As you make your way along the trails, you will see all sorts of vegetation and trees native to our area.  There are also running streams and a couple of lakes where you will find families of turtles basking in the sun.  It was a great and easy way to explore the wilderness in the middle of Los Angeles.


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