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Cerritos Library fun? FUN!

on September 5, 2012

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I often post about activities at the Cerritos Library but it occurred to me that not everyone knows what an amazingly awesome library it is.  Being the big dork I am, I will actually take friends to tour our library because I think it’s that awesome.  The City of Cerritos remodeled its library around 2001 and the project was completed in 2002.  The building was expanded from 42,000 square feet to 82,500 square feet allowing it to add 100,000 more books along with hundreds of computer workstations and ports for high-speed Internet access.  The exterior of the second and third floor are wrapped in a skin of titanium as a reflection of how the city is embracing the future while honoring its history.  For a complete history of the libraries development, click here.

Where we spend the most time at the library is the Children’s Library and the kids in Cerritos don’t even know how good they have it.  The Children’s Library is bordered by a 15,000 gallon  saltwater aquarium teeming with colorful fishes and sharks.  As you enter the area, kids are also able to experience a “green screen”, where they can fight with a dinosaur.  Exhibits in the Children’s area include Stan, a 40-foot long, 12-foot high Tyrannosaurus-rex replica, a scale-model NASA Space Shuttle called the “Spirit of Cerritos,” a lighthouse and a skydome, which cycles through day and night in the course of 20 minutes. In addition, a Banyan tree helps children learn about the rainforest’s healing properties. Children love to sit under the tree and listen to the sounds of the rainforest while they read. This area also features an exhibit of geologic strata which depicts the eras of geologic time.  There is also a Little Theater for storytime, an art studio and a computer area dedicated for kids’ use.

There are always lots of activities at the library but many of them do require registration.  However, this Friday, September 7, there will be a free craft for kids in the art studio at 11 am and 3:30 pm that does not require registration.  In the evening there will also be a free screening of  The Pirates–Band of Misfits at 6:00 pm.  Both events are open to everyone.  If you’ve never  been here, it’s really worth a trip.

Cerritos Library
18025 Bloomfield Avenue
Cerritos, CA 90703

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